Dragonfly and Damselfly Pictures

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The following dragonfly pictures have been submitted by our visitors.

Joseph Bardaville
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturata Sedona, AZ Taken with a vintage Pentax and 35mm film.

Troy Bartlett
Common Green Darner, Anax junius Cumberland Island, GA October 8, 1998

Robert J. Benson
Yellow-legged Meadowhawk, Sympetrum vicinum

Pearl Bothamley
This shot of a Male Black Meadowhawk was taken at Keely Lake, Saskatchewan in July 2005. The Dragonfly stayed on my foot for at least a minute.

Thomas Bovaird
Dragonfly just caught in spider web. Photo taken 7/5/2006 at Mirror Lake, New Hampshire. (C) Thomas Bovaird, all rights reserved.

David L. Bozsik
Cardinal Meadowhawk, Twelve-spotted Skimmer, Unknown (3)

Scott Camazine
Black-winged Damselfly, Dragonflies

Sal Catizone
Blue Dasher (M&F), Cardinal Pondhawk, Halloween Pennant, Four Spot Pennant, Blue Dragonlet, Darner, Eastern Pondhawk (M&F) in Venice, FL. Sal Catizone at catfish@comcast.net

Jeff Christian
Twelve-spotted Skimmer, Libellula pulchella Poynette, Wisconsin August,1998

Andy Commons
Bolton Lancashire (UK); andy@uncutfishing.co.uk; www.uncutfishing.co.uk

Rochella Cooper
Neon Skimmer, Libellla croceipennis

John Cowan
Dragonfly, Damselfly, Dragonfly Nymph - N.E. Florida

Maureen Dolan
Slaty Skimmer, Eastern Amberwing, Eastern Forktail, Blue Dasher

Tim Elliott
White-tailed Dragonfly, Meadowhawk, Green Darner, Unknowns - St. Catharines, Ontario

John Favalessa
Pics from my backyard here in Stevenson Ranch, Ca (45 miles north of LA). I have a pond in my yard. This guy has been around my yard now for a month. He seems very inquisitive and intelligent.

Jessica D. Fitzel
Eastern Pondhawk, Erythemis simplicicollis. Green Dragonfly with striped tail, I believe it is female.

Greg Gallant
My name is Greg Gallant.I live in Cape Breton,NS Canada. I photographed this dragonfly near my stepson's pool in Cambridge N.S., in Annapolis Valley. For anyone interested in paintings of wildlife check out my online Gallery at greggallantspaintings.piczo.com

Angela Gauld
I'm no authority, but it looks like a Spotted Skimmer (Libellula Pulchella), which I found in your photo gallery. The picture was taken in a park in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

Don Hagen
Blue Dasher Photos (8) taken in Huntington Beach, CA

Bruce Harris
Seattle June, 2009

Cindy Hartzburg
Fox Lake, IL

Peter Hourie
Dragonflies and Bluet Damselfly

Ed Irby
The attached was taken with my Digital Sony 707 on macro mode. It is an eastern pondhawk, Erythemis simplicicollis, in my backyard on an iris leaf. (North Florida)

Gerd Jaunich
Taken July 6, 2006 in Edmonton, Alberta gjaunich@shaw.ca

Lisa Jones
Seattle, WA; ljones5055@comcast.net;http://www.flickr.com/photos/van907/

J Keir - Vancouver, BC, Canada
This photo was taken on July 9, 2006 at Mill Bay, BC Canada – a small town on the west coast – on Vancouver Island. The dragonfly was hovering over the water. The photo was taken with a Canon PowerShot SD500. Too bad about his nose!!!

Edwin Laney
Photo taken in Sonoma County California by Edwin Laney

Keith Larman
Flame Skimmer, Libellula saturate, taken in Altadena, California. Camera was an Olympus E-Volt (E-330). Keith Larman, Summerchild Polishing, http://summerchild.com, keith@summerchild.com

Charlie Lawrence
Damselflies and dragonflies, taken in Johnston Memorial Park in Johnston, Rhode Island

Carl Lundrigan
I took this picture from my back deck on July 05, 2006 in a town called Chamberlains in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. I have never seen a dragonfly of this type so far north. carl@forecastfinancial.com

Jennifer Malinowski
This photo was taken at the Chapel Hill Cemetery in Alsip, IL. - Jennifer Malinowski, Oak Lawn,IL - devivo5@sbcglobal.net

Shannon Markel
Blue Dasher (male) photographed at a nearby abandoned water plant nursery in South Central PA, using a Nikon D80 w/18-55mm lens. July 2009

Duncan McDine
I'm not sure, but have been told this is a Pyrrhosoma nymphula, damselfly, resting on a water lily. Taken in Trowbridge, Wiltshire (UK) June 06

Kris McNew
Widow Skimmer (male), Flame Skimmer (AKA Red Skimmer), Unknown - Fresno, CA

Teresa Morgan
Photos of Blue Dashers and two Great Pondhawks(?) taken in Burgaw, NC in July 2009.

Bill Morgenstern
Green Darner, Four-spotted Skimmer, Flying Adder

Carol Mulgrew
Flame Skimmer, Blue Dasher

Pamela Nash
This photo was taken during a summer swim in our pool. My sons and I were captivated by this very friendly specimen who allowed us to touch and photograph it for about an hour.

W. Tracy Parnell
Twelve Spot Skimmer, Bluet Damselflies

Gregg Pasterick
Meadowhawk sp., Slender Spreadwing, Ebony Jewelwing, Eastern Pondhawk, Common Whitetail, Blue Dasher

Jeffrey Patton
Halloween Pennant, Widow Skimmer, Blue Dasher - Minsi Lake, PA

Marcia Perry
Marcia R. Perry, Genoa, Illinois taken July 5, 2009 with a Canon digital SLR and a telephoto lens. Twelve-spotted Skimmer, Libellula pulchella

Russ Philips
Eastern Pondhawk

Anna Della Posta
This beauty was on the side of my house.

William & Jo Ann Ralston
Widow Skimmer, Calico Pennant (?)

Timothy & Angela Raup
White-tailed Dragonfly - Smithfield, RI

Alan Rayner
I found this dragonfly this morning, the outside temperature was 48F, it was pretty torpid so I brought it inside to warm up.

James Rego
Bermuda dragonfly photos

Wendie Rowlinson
Just captured this beauty, first I've seen for years.

Alma Sander-Landis
Found along Illinois River in Mossville, IL.

Pete Schultz
Twelve-spotted Skimmer and Widow Skimmer

Robert Schaffer
Taken in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Cassie Shaddrick
I took several pictures of this big guy at my home in Richfield,Minnesota. I've never seen one this big, or this color. Can you tell me what kind it is? FREISDORPH@MN.RR.COM

Humphrey Sheehan
I took this photo on the Cains River in New Brunswick, Canada on Saturday, June 3rd, 2006. It had been raining for some time, and this dragonfly seemed to be clutching the blade of grass with everything he had left in him.

Jan Sivertsen
Unknown, taken 7/29/09 in Sequim, WA

Andy Steeple
Taken in South Yorkshire, England, in September

Tina Valant
Rambur's Forktails (damselflies - mating), Wandering Glider, Dragonhunter

Kate Webber
Here is a photo of a dragon fly that I took in Chicago at Lincoln Park. I call it the Chicago Dragon Fly!' - K M Webber

Hugh Wonderly
Widow Skimmer (2), Twelve-spotted Skimmer, Halloween Pennant, Blue Dasher (male), Green Darner, Mating Darners, Slaty Skimmer, Unknown Darner - Kent, Ohio

Ed Young
White-tailed Dragonfly, Flame Skimmer

Cor Zonneveld
Calopteryx splendens xanthostoma, Onychogomphus uncatus, White-nosed Dragonfly (Leucorhinia dubia), Orthetrum coerulescens, Anax imperator - website at http://www.corzonneveld.nl/index.html

Dragonfly Pictures