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They hover over ponds and pools and inhabit the banks of rivers and streams. With their dazzling metallic colours and unique ways of flying they are truly jewels of the air. This film presents dragonflies as they have never been seen before. Fascinating close up shots take us into the world of these insects, which have lived on earth since the age of the dinosaurs. Spectacular super slow motion shots and elaborate computer animation uncover, for the first time, how dragonflies capture their prey at lightning speed while flying and how they mate in the air.
Dragonfly Hunting Slow Motion by GREENPOWERSCIENCE
15 seconds of actual record time. Casio Exilim EX-F1 Slow-Mo Super Cam High Speed. 300 FRAMES PER SECOND At the end of the video you can see a Dragonfly ejecting a bug out of its mouth.
This video shows how a dragonfly uses it legs to clean its eyes and face.
The Zenithoptera group is an apart group within the libellulidae family of odonatas. Zenithoptera, that sometimes imitate a butterfly in it's erratic fly is the only dragonfly (to my knowledge) that close their wings toward the Zenith while perched, besides having a gracious lepidopterous (butterfly and moth) fly and a beautiful metalic non-transparent wings.
Dragonfly (close-up) by nickel74
This little guy caught my eye because of his colors. I followed him on his adventures around the garden! View with sound on.
Dragonfly Metamorphosis by nature1upclose
Dragonfly Eggs Hatching by nature1upclose
Dragonfly Up Close by JCVdude
By the side of the road in Punta Cana this dragonfly hung around long enough for me to film it with my Sony Hi Def Handycam. We have several vids on National Geographic Everyday Explorers now too.
Dragonfly Flight by dragonflylady
Dragonflies from around the web with music by Lenny Kravitz Song ~ Fly Away EnJOY this high energy :)

A dragonfly in slow-motion. Taken from the second part of David Attenborough's "Life in the Undergrowth".
Nature makes his creation by many beautiful ways.
Dragonfly by squallor7
Dragonfly in the Toscany
Dragonfly by jhvdb
A dragonfly is any insect belonging to the order Odonata, the suborder Epiprocta or, in the strict sense, the infraorder Anisoptera. It is characterized by large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong transparent wings, and an elongated body…
Had classical music in my boat while bass fishing, and had this dragonfly right next to the boat laying eggs. Happened to be doing it at the same beat as the music.
Dragonfly 8/31/07 by banditt066
Botswana Africa
Golden Dragonfly by ArtzyAudz
Saved it from drowning...it dried its wings...& took off!!
This clip was shot in the morning, when the dragonfly after a nights rest, stretches its wings for the first morning flight.
Dragonfly Encounter by acerkiwi
This insect was chewing a bug and was quite happy to sit in my hand
When two damselflies like each other, they form a heart with their bodies and show the world that they are in love!

A dragonfly nymph hatching
Powdered Dancer - Male and female (f = blue and brown forms), m/f mating (copulation wheel), m/f in tandem oviposting (laying eggs), larva or nymph, emerging (time-lapsed), teneral (newly emerged, still "soft"), and adult female (blue form). Ambient soundtrack.
Dragonfly life cycle by backyardbugs
Watch the different stages of the dragonfly life cycle. This is one of 89 videos featured in our interactive educational science software entitled Backyard Bugs. Available at http://www.totallybuggin.com
Dragonfly Metamorphosis by evisionarts
http://www.evisionarts.com catches the moment when a water nymph changes into a dragonfly and flies away! A miracle to see. By Howling Dog Images.
Dragonflies on my pond by ParanoidCamera
Some views of the dragonflies and damselflies my small garden pond attracts. Music: Mandibles - The Spores
Dragonflies as Pets by jacktube11
These beautiful and interesting insects can be coaxed onto your finger for closer observation. They have no stingers, so can't sting and if a curious specimen tries to taste the finger it is sitting on, it will be no more than a very slight pinch. Even the biggest ones can't break the skin. In the several thousand dragonflies I have held, only to have even attempted to bite and it was out of curiosity, not anger.
Dragonflies of East Kent by Anomalocaris42
Here's a few of the dragonflies, damselflies and demoiselles one can find in East Kent, England. These were all taken at Dover and at Wickhambreaux near Canterbury. Slight error, the 'Black-tailed Chaser' should have read 'Black-tailed Skimmer'. Oh well.
Damselfly busy eating a moth
Damselfly by Zoologist2007
Damselfly limbering up.
Dragonflies by kikyorai
Japan is called "Akitsu-shima"which means islands with many dragonflies. I like autumn in Japan.


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