Messages from the Dragonflies

by Ann Perry

There is one thing I know to be true. Well maybe a few things I know to be true. The one thing that is very evident to me now is that the summer is drawing quickly to a close while the fall is taking greater hold every day. For a lot of us, the fall is a welcome time full of new beginnings. The fall implies that we need to buckle down to do something "new". Young children will be starting school for the first time while young adults will be entering university for their first time. Holly mentioned that this past Saturday we would experience a new moon which is sure to bring on the "git er done" mentality in all of us! We are all stirring inside. Each one of us is chomping at the bit to start something new.

My clients will often hear me talk to them about the shift they will feel as they enter the fall. Whatever the theme is in your personal year, you can be sure that the influence has almost past. The fall brings in a new theme of energy for us to accustom to while we get ready to shift into the new years energy in January. It's normal for us to feel a little anxious about what's around the corner and into our future. I promise that you will feel a lot more balanced as we move closer to January!

The Autumn signifies an obvious change of seasons. Plants and trees begin to die off as they prepare to sleep over the winter. They are conserving their energy for the next growing season. Hmm. Growing season. Now there's a concept. Maybe instead of looking at the fall as the end of summer...maybe we need to think of it as preparation for another growing season within all of us. So often we get caught up in our own rat race that we fail to slow down and allow our bodies and minds to just "be". Plants and animals are so in tune with their bodies and their minds. They know instinctively when to rest and when to work and play. Their internal clocks always keep perfect time! Maybe we need to remind ourselves that we don't always need to be active to be in a learning curve. We can learn so much in the stillness of our minds.

I am reminded that many years ago on a warm September morning, I was grazing my horse by a waterfall. I was watching with great interest all the dragonflies dancing above the water against a canvass of brilliant Autumn leaves. One Dragonfly left his community to come land on my heart center. I knew right away that this was no ordinary Dragonfly! This fellow had a wing span the size of a sparrow! He was enormous!! I believe he sensed my spirit was broken. My father was in Ontario dying of cancer and I was struggling with this leg of my journey. I wept as this gentle creature looked up at me. What was he trying to tell me? Why did he land on my heart and how is it that 20 minutes have now passed and he's still with me? I cupped my hand over his back while I sent him warm energy from my hands. He knew he was welcome and I swear he stretched and yawned with gratitude as he readily accepted my energy.

I often look to nature for signs or answers to my many questions. With nature promising to go to sleep for the winter there can be a subtle sense of urgency to draw closer to nature in the fall before our messengers go for their much deserved siestas! I have found that the Dragonfly is one of the most amazing messengers ever! They seem to be so abundant as we move through August into September. Nothing can bring me back into focus faster than the sight of a Dragonfly zooming by!

When you see a Dragonfly you might want to stop for a moment and ask yourself to look at a troubling situation from a different angle. Ask for Dragonflies energy to help you to see a solution you hadn't seen before. Dragonflies remind us that "things are not always as they seem." This little bit of wisdom has carried me a long way in my life. These beautiful jewels of nature are truly gifts to us. They are the silent teachers. They are the wise ones that always have a bird's eye view of your situation as they navigate effortlessly around you in the background of your life.

If you have been graced by the company of a Dragonfly you should consider yourself well blessed. He has come to remind you to look at things from a different perspective. Examine the situation more closely. What element are you missing? What have you not considered before? Who are you judging unfairly? Allow the presence of the Dragonflies during this time of transition from summer to fall to remind you that "things are not always as they seem."

Ann has always shared a keen interest in the Healing Arts. Her journey really began when she experienced Reiki for the first time in 1998. She has since become a Reiki Master with an active practice in both teaching Reiki for people as well as Equine Reiki for horses.

Ann employs the powerful Metaphysical Science of Numerology to tune into her clients on a very profound level. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy. She is also an experienced coach in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique.) as well as speaker and work shop facilitator.

You can contact Ann by visiting her website at or by emailing

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