Dragonfly Inspiration

Dragonfly Inspiration

Dragonflies are inspirational creatures. They symbolize a change in perspective & self-realization, maturity, poise, adaptability, joy, lightness, emotional depth, wisdom and a connection to nature.

Lessons Learned from Dragonflies

Dragonflies teach us to "live in the moment". Since most dragonflies live as adults for only one month, they have become a standard bearer for living life to its fullest. Because time becomes their most precious commodity, dragonflies remind us to become self-aware, to unmask our real selves, and to live life without regrets. And to do these things as quickly as possible!

Dragonflies teach us to expand our vision of the world and ourselves. One of the most prominant features of dragonflies are their eyes. They can see everything in one glance (360 degrees). They have the uncanny ability to take in their whole world view and to see beyond the mundane to the sublime.

Inspirational Dragonfly Stories

Have you been touched by a dragonfly, literally or figuratively? How has that impacted your perspective on life? What have you learned from your encounter? How did it make you feel? We would like to share your story on our website so other dragonfly lovers can read them. Just fill out the form below to submit your dragonfly tale!

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