Dragonfly and Damselfly Pictures

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The following dragonfly pictures have been submitted by our visitors.

Cor Zonneveld
Calopteryx splendens xanthostoma, Onychogomphus uncatus, White-nosed Dragonfly (Leucorhinia dubia), Orthetrum coerulescens, Anax imperator - website at


Calopteryx splendens xanthostoma - River Dordogne, France
July 1986
 Calopteryx splendens xanthostoma 

Onychogomphus uncatus (male) - River Tarn (near Florac), France
July 1984
 Onychogomphus uncatus (male) 

White-nosed Dragonfly, Leucorhinia dubia - Dwingelo, The Netherlands
June 1991
 White-nosed Dragonfly, Leucorhinia dubia 

Orthetrum coerulescens - Provence, France
June 1991
 Orthetrum coerulescens 

Anax imperator (female ovipositing) - Le Perche, France
July 1983
 Anax imperator (female ovipositing) 

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Dragonfly Pictures